Monday, April 2, 2012

A to Z Challenge/Day 2- letter B

B is for Butterfly.  "What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly." (Richard Bach)
What living creature gives us a more accurate reminder of Purpose?  Everyone is seeking their purpose, their reason for living.  Everyone wants to know why they are here, and everyone wants so badly to be of monumental significance to the world and the human race that most will go their whole lives overlooking the very Purpose that cannot ever not be.  Even with magnificent clues like the butterfly fluttering around us, we miss it. 
Will I cure cancer?  Will I be president?  Will I be the first to walk on the surface of Mars?  Will I invent something equal in genius to the Keurig coffee maker?  Will I unite the world in love and harmony through music, poetry, and interpretive dance?  And if I can't do any of these things or something else as cosmically resounding, then maybe the psychic palm-reader downtown can tell me what amazing and influential historical figure I used to be in a past life.  Because, obviously, if I was Ben Franklin or Einstein or DaVinci, I deserve a bit of a break in THIS life.  Right?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Regardless, though, none of the above referenced things are Purpose.  They begin as dreams, inspiration.  They lead to other dreams, possibilities.  And even if they should come to fruition, they are effects to the cause; results of choice.  They are accomplishments.  But Purpose?  Not so much.  "But," you ask, "can't a person have more than one purpose in life and of varying degrees?"  To which I respond, "No."  We have reasons for living, and while our reasons most certainly feed our Purpose, they are not Purpose, Itself.  All of this is naught but my very humble opinion, of course.  But, follow me for a minute (as it turns out, B is also for Brief, as this blog has much to say but in few words, it seems).  Follow me and consider:
What if we are born to digest as much of the world as we can, growing all the while, having to shed old skins for new skins as we expand our boundaries and increase our hunger for more and more knowledge?  What if we are born to grow until we simply cannot grow anymore?  And then we rest.  We rest because we realize that all of the knowledge we have sought and acquired ultimately lead us to one simple Truth: we already knew it all.  We already knew it, but we mistook the desire to transform for the need to be moving, to be set in motion, to be constantly seeking when, in fact, all we've ever had to do all along is (note: it is EVER SO important not to confuse "still" with "stagnant." Please, for the good of the world, never make that mistake).  With all the movement and yearning and distraction, we forget the things we know.  And here's the GRAND paradoxical nature of the universe and the existence coveted within (at least as I see it): we were meant to forget, because we are never meant to forget.  See?  All Truth leads us to the Understanding that to be still is to let ourselves be silent, and in that silence we can hear the Song of Home.  When we can do that, we can emerge...Transformed, with a capital "T."
So, what if our only Purpose in all of life is to learn enough to be silent enough to hear enough to remember it be transformed back into the Something from which we came (and paradoxically, of which we cannot ever really not be): light and free, soaring on a holy breeze; a beautiful reminder to others of their Purpose. 
playing the game only to learn not to play the game
Yes. B(e) is for "Butterfly."