Saturday, April 21, 2012

AtoZ/Day21 - letter S

S is for Stolen from my Facebook Notes...again.  Okay, I'm taking the easy way out on this one, but I had to catch up on "R" and I have an article to write today, so I am pasting this from a note I wrote on FB a couple of years ago and tweaking a few things (just a few side-bar notes).
So today, S is really for...

"Summed up in 50"

Things I have learned in 36 years....

1. I have learned that 36 is NOT old, but I am well on my way.

2. I have learned that most people are only interested in themselves and all things relevant to themselves. I am not being self-righteous. I, too, am guilty of this at times.

3. I have learned that jealousy is devout masochism.

4. I have learned that passing judgement is a waste of time, though I continue to be guilty of it.

5. I have learned that anti-depressants make me fat (since I wrote this 3 yrs ago, hypo-thyroidism has been identified as the culprit...but it is likely that the hypo-thyroid function was brought on by my head-meds).

6. I have learned that people who continuously poison our lives, including relatives, DO NOT - at anytime - HAVE to be tolerated.

7. I have learned that unconditional love DOES exist, though it appears to be highly endangered.

8. I have learned that my God is not necessarily your God, and that is perfectly fine.

9. I have learned that a cute puppy can turn into an ugly dog.

10. I have learned that Dr. Seuss was a genius.

11. I have learned that hostility is a dangerous thing that requires constant tending.

12. I have learned that I am no longer afraid to say the following words: "I am a writer and a poet." This is not bragging. It simply is. It is not required that everyone enjoy my work for this to remain who and what I am.

13. I have learned that karma does not do my bidding.

14. I have learned that cheese deserves its own every major city.

15. I have learned that just because one deserves monumental recognition and praise does not mean it will come.

16. I have learned that monumental recognition and praise is a side-effect, not a reason.

17. I have learned that the smell of Fall soothes my soul.

18. I have learned that there is no shame in flatulence, and certainly no reason for our skin to run cold and tingly w/ fear & shame should flatus escape our butt holes in public.

19. I have learned that flatus is indeed a word (sorry i doubted you, babe).

20. I have learned that despite what my mother says & does, I deserve to be loved.

21. I have learned that my dad probably did (and is doing) the best he could/can.

22. I have learned that humans very quickly forget the things we CAN live without.

23. I have learned that silly, raw fits of laughter are necessary.

24. I have learned that ambition does not come easily.

25. I have learned that the mountains and the ocean make me feel closer to God.

26. I have learned that consciously remaining in unhappy conditions is NOT EVER the right thing to do.

27. I have learned that it is physically impossible for me to swallow prune juice.

28. I have learned that 'hope' and 'faith' are not closely related, after all. In fact, it seems to me that hope is faith, denied. I am often hopeful (interesting that this should be listed here, considering the content of my "R" blog written three yrs later.  Coincidence?  Probably).

29. I have learned not to stand gazing skyward when a feathered formation flies overhead.

30. I have learned that if I were a bird I would devote my life to seeking out and shitting upon upturned faces and newly washed cars.

31. I have learned that Father Time waits for no one, and is therefore a little irritating.

32. I have learned that children say very important things that are easily missed if we aren't paying attention.

33. I have learned that most people do not say what they mean.

34. I have learned that, for many, growing older should not be equated with growing wiser.

35. I have learned that a closed mind should provoke pity rather than anger.

36. I have learned that the truth about certain matters will never be uncovered, regardless of how diligently we search. However, I have also learned that despite this, I have no intention to stop the search. Just in case.

37. I have learned that insomnia can introduce ideas that would have otherwise gone unattended. Unfortunately, it also causes mood-swings and hallucinations.

38. I have learned that the only true atheist is someone that doesn't believe in Love.

39. I have learned that memories can have substance; lovely and ghostly substance.

40. I have learned that it is possible to be a thousand variations of myself, but as long as I am true, that's okay.

41. I have learned that those who spend their days in comparison to others are relinquishing the moment's chance to love & respect themselves.

42. I have learned that no one can offend me without my permission.

43. I have learned that just about every food product can be pickled, yet only okra and cucumbers are acceptable.

44. I have learned that to be politically correct is to be thoughtfully corrupt.

45. I have learned that Charmin w/ Aloe is well worth the extra money.

46. I have learned that there is absolutely no excuse for a man not to have enough consideration to put the toilet seat down. None.

47. I have learned that when I am simultaneously tired and hungry, the devil himself would do well to avoid me.

48. I have learned that beliefs are meant to change and grow.

49. I have learned that ignorance is not contagious; it is standard.

50. I have learned that when the learning stops in this life, so will the breathing.


  1. I have learned that I was put here to do several things, but Loving you is my favorite on the list.

  2. This is such a lovely list, I loved so many of the ideas you've learned. Very inspiring! :)

    In Which We Start Anew

  3. Thank you for sharing these lessons! So many of them struck a chord for me - esp #12. Oh, and #14. :)

    Happy A-Z!

  4. Great! You really should turn this into a cute little thought book and publish it. Seriously! Do you need an illustrator? ;)

    A to Z co-host

  5. "14. I have learned that cheese deserves its own every major city." - True words of wisdom!
    Love this post!