Monday, July 2, 2012

Ingredient 17- Mother

During the month of April this year, I interrupted the flow of my listed ingredients to participate in the A to Z Blog Challenge, which was a gosh darn hoot.  However, try as I did not to duplicate any of my List items whilst in the throes of my alphabetical hoorah, I failed.  Inadvertantly, I wrote about my inspiration for "mother" in A to Z: Letter K (it's a real ray of sunshine; you should check it out).

Aaaaaanyhoo, rather than go down that dark path again - with its dank over-hanging vegetation just waiting for the chance to suck my soul dry - I'm going to address "ingredient 17" another way.  A whole other way... 

Today, I'm acknowledging a mother of another kind: Mother Earth.

A hot, fiery center determining polarity-
Synchronous movement
with an emotional satellite
that changes with every sunset.

Do you doubt it?
We are made in her image.

A river of magnetism & turbulent odds
Set valleys at rest
between dueling fault lines
and pressure points of swift change.

Do you doubt it?
We are made in her image.

A vast layer atop seething vulnerability-
A course of destruction
only sometimes denied by way
of the cracks sealed of water and ice.

Do you doubt it?

The smallest part of her foundation
is all we ever see...

We are made in her image.


Lingering fools in love
with reflective surfaces
forget why they linger at all
under stars that could crush them
even before burning them;
but instead, the stars:
they choose to shine, and light the way.

Pray child, pray...
and usurp your usurpers,
leaving left only the clues placed
just where The Mother birthed you;
Ever in labor she is, on your behalf-
where every good mother stays.

Though she, too, is born to
a womb, guarded.

The living Center and the Glory of Siblings past
await you, but still, beware the poisoned arrow...
the poison and the archer having not yet met.

Do you doubt it?
Made in her Image,
we shall see it with her Eyes.


  1. YES! We are the earth and her seasons. I wish more people connected this.

  2. I always figured she had nice boobs.

  3. Sorry... Couldn't resist. Love it Baby. Another great one on the ingredient list.

  4. perfection, once again.

    you never let my eyes, but more importantly, my soul- down.

    Thank you.