Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ingredient 22 - Truth

Oh my!  I have to wonder how many people will recognize how Cosmically appropriate it is that "truth" should be number 22 (this, btw, was not by design. When I composed what is now referred to - by basement dwellers - as "The List," I was not keeping track of the number of each "life-tab").  Anyhoo, I find it incredibly telling that Truth and 22 are revealed as a pairing.  Good shit.  Well done, Muse.  Well done.  And now....

Truth: As we sift through the windfalls of a matter more immense than we are meant to understand, the truth can lead us astray - having yet to find a proper and accurate way to define the certainties of an aged and fruitful generation.  Dropping the curtain on the intended recital, all characters are left to their own devices, and weaponry is usually outfitted first and foremost among the infant races. 

And, with the wood and iron that remains after the pillaging of a mind under pressure of proof and inquiry, a cross is made for the vessel to climb upon to ensure that her suffering is long and uninspired. 

Turn away from the light and there you will see dark.  Turn into the light, and there you will see the safe harbor that lives within, everlong.  Can you not take a breath without questioning its purpose?  Can you not question its purpose without stealing breath from the moment? 

Drop, drop, drop to your knees and let the vision humble you, for before long you will need humbling...again.  Stand, stand, stand on your toes and let the vision lift you, for it won't be long that you will need to be lifted, again. 

Seek without fear of being sought.  Do you understand?  You must seek without fear of being sought.

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