Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Two-Take Exchange: Take Two

Welcome to Aubree's "Basement."  It's a pretty cool hangout, which is why I, Jenn - fellow blogger and very good friend of the magnificent Aubree, happily engage in a weekly blog swap with her.  She chose the picture this week; we each let it affect us in our own way; and we each wrote something according to the inspiration received by and of the below image.  So, the text that follows is MY "take." Aubree's take can be found over on my blog, Embrace Your Crazy <--- click here, and you'll go right to it.  Enjoy!

 Here we go...Take Two:

"We came out from the deep to avoid the mistakes we made; that's why we are here." -Enigma

I board my boat every night in search for peace and serenity after a long day of what-if’s and shoulda-coulda-woulda’s, to sort it all out.  I eventually end up here, nearly dawn, while the ocean is as placid as an ice skating rink.  I’m usually trying to gain some insight as to which way to row my ‘proverbial’ boat in this wild ocean ride I call life.

At times, I am aware that I may be drifting into the calm before the storm, and at other times, I know I am in the midst of a reflective state of inner turbulence while attempting to find my way...home.  There is always a light to guide me back to reality….whatever that word connotes.  


As I’m perched on the bow, looking down, not at the ocean’s shallowness, but at my own, I dive down and am immediately aware that I’m under the belly of a whale!  I have never felt such comfort. 

The rocks are simply an illusion that there’s a barrier we can’t pass through, but they are easily overturned.  So, I begin to descend into the depths of the ocean.

 I dive to understand that we came from the deep and there are many answers below us, yet there is still so much undiscovered.  There are many lessons to be learned from the firmaments, too, which is where the other birds have chosen to find their path.  But this bird has been drawn below. 

The further I dive down, the darker and colder it becomes.  My soul feels illuminated and my body temperature begins to rise. What a sweet paradox.  Instantly, things become clearer, like a fierce calm, not because I can see, but because I can feel…as if my other senses have taken over.

After I’ve searched the deep brine for revelations, I realize that I am out of breath.  I look up to see that my whale - my elemental, aquatic soul mate - is still holding up my boat; she hasn’t let me down.  As much as my boat is resting on its home, she is holding my precious winged soul afloat.  There are no oars aboard this boat; they’re not needed. 

Sadly, the light is her anchor, and mine.  The light is my reality check calling me back to the surface, yet ironically, my reflected reality also anchors this gentle giant.  Hopefully I - the mirrored Blackbird - will continue to hold this precious cetacean’s head above the water, so she can’t sink; and together, we will achieve a mutually beneficial reality.  We shall rise. 

“If those harbor lights had just been, a half a mile inland, who knows- what I would have done”- Tori Amos


  1. well done ... into the deep if yet for a moment :) "e"

  2. Awesome.

    The storm before the calm.