Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two-Take Exchange - Swap 3

Hello Basement visitors: Jenn again...back with the third Blog-Swap.  I chose the image this week, and my "take" on it is posted below.  Aubree (creator and author of Akashic Aisles: The Basement View) has - in turn - placed her interpretation of the same image over on my blog, Embrace Your Crazy.

Please feel free to leave comments on either (or both) post's perspective(s) to let us know how you were (or were not) moved by the images chosen for each swap. 
And now, number three:

One % - "The Gang and government are No Different" -Jane's Addiction


Take a look, folks!  This is what has become of the world and also what some are teaching their children.  The latest generations seem to be getting lazier, more self indulgent and greedy beyond comprehensible belief.  And, don’t even get me started on their feelings of entitlement. 

I am consistently blown away at the product of our future leaders:  born merely for the purpose of consuming.  When is enough, enough? 

There are people striving to make ends meet, and then there are rich, fat bastards...oh let’s say the government...who do nothing except take up immeasurable space, dribbling crumbs on their chests, and holding remote controls in their hands, just pushing peoples buttons.  Never once will it cross this blob's mind to get off his lazy ass - to do anything.  Why should he?  It’s too much of an inconvenience, because he’s been waited on hand and foot by his family...hell, the world.

The media and government are perpetuating consumerism, slothfulness, and ill-mannered spawn.

Pretty soon, the lard-ass (big brother) will suffocate the poor soul he is crushing…us.   Don’t you notice, or are you too busy watching American Idol to see what’s really happening in our beautiful nation?

Speaking of our poor souls: we can barely move, and we remain ashamed of our emaciated brethren.   Is it our choice or circumstance that brought us to this point?   Perhaps some of us come from different cultures - some that are banished from the worlds’ riches and are forced to endure war, pain and suffering.  Each will never fathom the other's point of view, and the glutton would never choose to care.

When will humanity wake up and understand that we cannot continue the ravishing path we’re creating and realize that we are all one?  God help us all.

“Greed is the gift for the sons of the sons, hear this prayer of the Wampum- this is the tie that will bind us”… Tori Amos


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