Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fill These Pages (The List) Blog2

Dreams and rivers and haunting addictions
Lovers and hypocrites and dwindling prescriptions
Turmoil and sunsets and purpose and pain
Oceans and graveyards and secrets and rain
Forever and children and Angels of Sin
Mother and mountains and obsessing again
Failing and wanting and truth and forgiving
Bibles and waste and torture and living
Media and blindness and hopelessly preaching
Securities and wishes and students now teaching
Fiction and opinions and worship and touch
Saviours and warnings and the grudges I clutch
Self-pity and visions and love and decisions
Boredom and magic and unstitched incisions
Guidelines and panic and fortune and wine
Cold sheets and salvation and the existence of time
Today and weariness and anticipation
Beauty and focus and withered creations
Blame and breathing and Spirits that talk
Acceptance and seeking and Daddy's long walk
Memories and sleep and virgins and waves
Cycles and greed and the safety she craves
Doubts and carelessness and the vice to forget
Fables and backstrokes and the God I've not met
Changes and circles and Masters and sages
Profanity and certainty and old scattered pages
Caution and eternity and battles and dust
Intention and fury and do what you must
Merriment and serving and ghosts and ambition
Squared-off and needing and unwanted transition
Christ and commandments and celestial learning
Conflict and ego and tossing and turning
Judgement and sharing and distance and scars
Messiahs and devils and which Morning Star?
Hell's fire and burdens and the No-ones I trust
Me too; who asked you? I'll do what I must
There is no excuse not to fill these pages.