Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cooking Without a Spoon - Blog1

So, here I am: diving into the world of "blogging." It's a wonder that it has taken me this long since I am such a word-whore, just dying to share my newly strung phrases with a world so eager to unstring things. Actually, it isn't a wonder at all. As much as I love writing sentences that are entirely too long and garnished with ridiculous amounts of commas and others conjuctive measures, I just didn't want to start another writing excursion that would end with withered ambition, because I am just too lazy to properly care for it.
I recently found myself wishing that I had some equivalent to Julie's copy of Julia's cookbook: something to push my writing life forward; something that reminded me of my passions and loves and collossal dislikes and woes; something that could water the old ambition plant when I am away on vacation, so that upon my return - however long I may be away - I come home to find my inspiration in good health...thriving, even. But alas, no such writer's cookbook exists for me...or does it?
One night, while I lay awake in my usual state of incessant pondering, my mind came upon an archaic document. A decade-old poem. Yes, yes...as most self-declared writers do, I also write poetry; most of which is blathering metaphorical carnage full of self-pity and loathing, but...this particular poem was written at a time when I was overcome with utter disapproval of my literary laziness, and as it turns out - while it certainly isn't a cookbook - it does have a certain flow of read-between-the-line recipes, only providing the most basic ingredients and leaving the rest to future expansion. And THAT is what makes it so perfect for the purpose for which I need it. It's a list. Well, it WAS just a list. Now it is a compass of sorts that I plan to use to guide me away from re-runs of "Six Feet Under" and "That 70's Show" and into a place of creative continuity, and if I'm really lucky: maybe a bit of self-fulfillment, too. Whether or not this "compass" has any real sense of true north remains to be seen. And whether anyone other than my closest friends and family will tag along with me on this guided tour that is bound to lead right off the map...well, i have my doubts. Truthfully, I expect that only my husband will pack for the entire trip. But, that's okay. That is perfectly okay.
So,this is my official Blog #1. It is a set-up for the set-up. Blog #2 will be naught but the List itself; which, incidentally, was - for all (my) intents & purposes (that - sadly - still remain ten years later) - aptly entitled "Fill These Pages." And beyond Blog #2, each blog thereafter will address the List, one ingredient at a time. So come hungry...or not. As for me: I'm ready to binge...and purge.