Monday, May 28, 2012

The Two-Take Exchange: Take One

Hello visitors of the Akashic Basement! My name is Jenn, but you can call me...Jenn.  My friend (and awesome writer/poet..seriously, she's like a modern-day Mark Twain), Aubree - who calls this Basement home - and I are embarking on a "Blog Swap."  Every so often, we will choose an image, post it, and each of us will write our individual "take" on what we see and feel as inspired from said image.  We will then swap our posts: she will post mine (below) on her blog, and I will post hers - for your reading pleasure - here.  Please note: one of the rules of the "The Two-Take Exchange" is that neither of us discuss what the other will be writing about; in fact, we will not know anything of the other's "take" until the swap has occurred.  Having said this, you may find it interesting ( I know we did, although we were not entirely surprised) that Aubree and I experienced some parallel perspective on the below image, though we expressed it in two entirely different ways. 

So, here it is: my Take One...

What if both doors lead to the same place?

There is pure innocence captured in this photo, and the curious child may tend to lean towards dreams instead of reality, as they don’t even know what reality is at this stage in their life.

So, why is there a visible hesitation in her choice?  Perhaps, it’s the subtle skewed appearance of the Reality sign versus the straight facing Dream sign.  Or maybe she’s going with her gut instinct to choose to dream versus play out reality.  In her dreams, she will create her reality.

Is there really a discernible difference between dreams and reality?  What about the possibility that our dreams are our reality versus our reality consisting of our dreams?

Unfortunately, I don’t remember most of my dreams, so I feel that my reality sculpts my dreams, although I’d like to experience the opposite.  I feel we can live vicariously through our dreams and subconsciously will them into fruition. 

Do you choose to live out your dreams or are you torn into believing that you’re actually living in a reality?  I know many people that are living in a dream-world.  Is that so bad?  Most of them appear to be happy.

There is an accessibility in your dreams that you’re not always able to experience in reality, such as places to travel, guides to show us ‘the way,’ the extraordinary ability to fly and also to be able to transcend into different eras. 

Another intriguing vision about this photo is how dated, yet current it is.  The arched doors, reminiscent of an old church, coupled with the vintage clock may suggest that dreams are meant to be remembered from another time, whereas the clock and its incessant tick-tock may suggest that time is running out, so decisions should be made quickly, but not knowing your life’s journey or purpose, could make for hasty and ill-chosen decisions.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the ability to get lost in your dreams and actually discover yourself and your purpose for being?

 What about the illusion of time?  In the words of the great Janis Joplin, “It’s all the same fucking day, man.” 
If time is an illusion, is it not safe to assume time is infinite? When I think of time, I think of it as circular.  It’s a continuous loop that never ends; no real beginning - no real end.
Is there any significance that the clock shows five minutes to noon or midnight? Does it matter?
And what about making the wrong choice?  The fear of regret often keeps us from making the wrong decision and uncertainty almost always makes choosing impossible.
When it comes to dreams and reality, why can’t we choose both? Aren’t we ultimately going to end up where we started?


  1. Amazing!! Love your insight

  2. I remember having the discussion of time with my Epistemology professor. I told him that it seems that time is a human construct meant to put things in order. He told me I was wrong. Time exists outside of my mind. Still not sure that he's right. I agree -it is infinite, no beginning and no end. There is so much we cannot comprehend with our small minds. When we think with our big mind we see the illusion, even if we can't comprehend it.