Monday, February 6, 2012

Me and A to Z..."intermission blog"

I must interrupt my List to discuss - for a moment - another list.  Bloggers of the nation (and the world, i least regions that share in the same phonetical practices) will be participating in the A to Z challenge during the month of April 2011.  Basically, everyday of April will be assigned a letter of the A-Z alphabet, and the blogger will then be challenged to write a coordinating blog on any given alphabetical day.  The blogger is expected to participate daily (or almost daily if life should get in the way as it so often does).  The challenge seems to be designed to give that extra push of ambition that many bloggers/writers need, because let's face it: a true writer tends to be lazy w/ her craft, because just as a hunk of clay needs talented hands to sculpt it, a writer's words need the same gentle handling and they certainly do not string themselves together like magical beads.  So,without proper inspiration, it is easy to become listless about treating the written word like the art it truly is, and if the artist simply wanted to render a literary mess, it would be a direct contradiction to his title.
ANYWAY, here it is:  another list to push me (and other bloggers/writers) to transmutate lazy ambition into something with (personal) meaning, and maybe -if we're lucky- we will provoke thought, laughter, reflection, and hope in the minds and lives of others.  So, I will be participating in the A to Z challenge...with bells on.  I hope any one that happens to stop by my "basement" will click on the cute little icon to the left and sign up, too.  Challenging ourselves: part of our earthly mission, right?  Who knows, really, but it sounds cool to say.
BUT fear not my faithful readers (all seven of you), I will also attempt to maintain care and attention of my own List that spurred my blog-site to begin with.  I am truly enjoying working my way through my List of "ingredients," and I hope others are enjoying it as well.  Having said that, I must end this intermission blog and get back to "Ingredient 4: Lovers," which seems to be taking on an entirely different tone than the ones preceding it, so stay tuned and -whether reading or writing- happy blogging!